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Isabelle Tierney, M.A., LMFT, is a healer, coach, author, and speaker.  She is the creator of “The Feel Good Life: How to Create Heaven on Earth”, a way of living that invites us to embody a life led by Spirit.    

The courses in our Signature Program Series are:

Course #1 - “Tune into Spirit”
Course #2 - "Feel Good for Good"
Course #3 - "Feeling Good to End Painful Habits"

We welcome anyone genuinely interested in deepening their relationship with Source. 

Isabelle also works with a small group of clients who are dedicated to creating Heaven on Earth in their personal and professional lives.  Please contact her at isabelle@isabelletierney.com for more information.

A note from Isabelle:

I spent a lifetime living hell on earth.  As a result of growing up in an abusive environment, I developed a raging eating disorder that impacted more than 30 years of my life.

Through therapy, healing, and coaching, I eventually recovered and spent 20 years as a licensed therapist helping others who struggled with painful habits and addictions.

This led me to create powerful healing tools that have helped me and hundreds of clients move from pain to thriving.  

Each of these tools is born out of the belief that everything we ever do, even our most painful habits, is an attempt to reconnect to feeling good, to feeling God.  My job is to help you find the most effective strategy to create that connection.   

I now offer these healing tools through The Feel Good Life school as well as through my private programs.

Today, I am happier than I've ever thought possible.  I truly live Heaven on Earth and wake up every morning in complete awe and gratitude about my life's trajectory.  

There are truly no mistakes.

If you are ready to surrender to something deeper, to find a way to feel good, to feel God, to live Heaven on Earth, we invite you to join our Feel Good Life community!  You are deeply welcomed in this amazing home.  

With much love and gratitude,








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